Flask Hunt – a Vacuum Flask buying guide

Thought this would be a good article to cobble together to keep trying to get this blog section rolling, seeing as it’s the time of year for it with Anglers up & down the country sitting by the sides of Rivers, Lakes & Canals freezing their nuts off and needing copious supplies of Tea, Coffee, Soup or whatever to keep warm (or something resembling being warm anyway).

In first place is the Aladdin Stanley 1.9litre Classic, which seems to get consistently good reviews.

In Second Place is the Thermos Work Series 1.2litre, which also gets high ratings & reviews.

In third place, the Thermos Originals 1.2Litre Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Food & Drink Flask.

And for something a bit smaller to keep the milk in seperately, then the Thermos Everyday 35 0.35litre.

For something to take along some lunch in seperately (e.g. Stew, Casserole, Soup, Curry, Chilli, etc) then take a look at these…

One last option for Hot water on the bank to make a cuppa or a pot noodle or whatever, you could always get a Kelly Kettle like Chris & Bob used on A Passion for Angling….

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