How much to get kitted out to go Pike Fishing?

I saw a Question along these lines over at Yahoo Answers recently, I even went to the trouble of answering it in exteme detail including sources of the prices….. only later to see some nob had reported it as “spam”, and had it deleted (I hate that s******e sometimes).

So, seeing as this blog needs testing out, and filling out a bit, let’s have a crack at it here instead!.


Abu Enticer Pro Pike Rod – £41


Shimano Baitrunner 6000 ST – £49.99


BERKLEY Trilene XL (330yrds) – £5.50 (and on Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer)


JRC Defender 42″ Carp Landing Net – £35


FOX Deadbait traces – £3.25 (you’re gonna need a few)

Snaplink swivels – make sure they’re quality ones like THESE Berkley ones, not cheap crappy ones.


WYCHWOOD Slingmat (unhooking mat) – £24.99

Curved 10-inch Forceps – £3.99 (for unhooking the fish without getting your fingers munched).

Of course there’s a few other things you’ll need, like a few extra unhooking tools (e.g. pliers + bolt croppers, etc) and it’s also advised to go out the first few times with someone experienced at catching Pike.

For more advice on Pike Fishing  I highly recommend visiting THIS SITE – except since originally posting this blog it seems Charlie has packed in his predator fishing site, and some buggers using it sell bloody socks instead.

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