Changes to the site coming sooner or later was originally built on my PC when it was running WindowsXP with Netobjects Fusion MX software I blagged as a freebie for joining 1&1 Internet hosting several years ago, and I’ve since upgraded to Windows7 and newer version Netobjects Fusion 10 (which doesn’t seem to like the save file for created by the older version of the software).

Therefore some changes may be coming along sooner or later, including…..

  • The directory part is being transferred to a section of my other website, AlltheInterweb. This will be stackloads easier to manage than the existing directory, and neater, and I’ll probably link into it via a subdomain such as soon as I remember to log into the hosting control panel to set it up. It would also enable site users to submit links themselves, except spambots have shagged it up already – I can manually add links myself, but can’t approve submitted links ‘cos spambots have submitted so much crap to it already that all that happens when I click on the Approve links button in the admin panel is a page giving an “Error500 – Internal Server Error” message.
  • A new frontpage built with the newer Netobjects Fusion software, so I’ll actually be able to regularly update it again.
  • Closer integration with Twitter – aka a Twitter feed widget box like on the front of
  • Ask fishing questions via a link on the site to another of my websites – AlltheInterweb Answers > Fishing.
  • A link so that if you like our website, you can leave a review for us at ALEXA, where at time of creating this blog post we’re ranked 22,596,224th most popular website in the world (surely gotta put that right at least and get into the top several thousand).
  • Probably also a new Logo / Banner, not Flash Animated, so the site is more iPhone & iPad friendly.

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