Too Many Adverts & Not Enough Humour – The Problem with today’s fishing magazines

The problem with modern fishing magazines was hi-lighted again today in a post over at Maggotdrowning about some guy named Syd Huggins, who used to scribble for the magazines, apparently.

todays mags are far to serious with no humour at all and when ever they try it makes me cringe ,no idea at all .just like readin a set of instructions

Was the view of one poster, with another mentioning

very, very few articles are actually written by the anglers themselves anymore – it’s all done by the staff writers which is why all the articles seem identical.

90% of the articles are the same anyway…… sponsored angler X turns up at venue Y, catches a few fish on the latest ‘method’ (generally involving the use of his sponsors products) and thats it.

I’ve also seen plenty of posts in the past critical of the mags having too many adverts and not enough articles.

If you’re a magazine publisher, and wondering why your sales are going down the toilet, this probably explains why.

If you want to fix this, here are some ideas…..

  • Get some writers who know how to write more creatively
  • Get your existing writers to read stuff by Angling writers such as John Bailey & John Wilson & Chris Yates to show them how it should be done
  • Get your existing writers to read stuff by people away from the Angling world who know how to write in an interesting way, such as Jeremy Clarkson, James Delingpole, Daniel Hannan, Boris Johnson + the late Sir Patrick Moore.

If something isn’t done about it soon, fishing magazines are probably either gonna go extinct, or only get bought by kids who want to look at the pictures.

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