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We’re nearly all set for the site update

The new website is all ready to go. I was going to do the switch over to the new site a couple of mins ago, but the 1&1 Internet Ltd “Control Panel” area I need to get into to perform

Changes to the site coming sooner or later was originally built on my PC when it was running WindowsXP with Netobjects Fusion MX software I blagged as a freebie for joining 1&1 Internet hosting several years ago, and I’ve since upgraded to Windows7 and newer version Netobjects Spreadshirt goodies

A few months back I cobbled together some promotional goodies using a website called “Spreadshirt”, which was announced on’s Twitter feed…….. you’ll find them here if you’re interested:

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4G4H2WES3MTB This is a post for doing verification thingy for TECHNORATI ~ Webmaster

Follow us on Twitter

In a bid to try an further this site’s  attempts at World Domination, you can now follow us on Twitter: If you’ve got any worthy News Stories related to British Angling, and you’d like me to post it on Blog now active

As you can see from this post, the BLOGS section here on have come into existence as part of the next phase of development of the site. This blog will (hopefully) gradually start featuring articles cobbled together by the